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The Jester CoinGrabber


Example Repo


If you want to support development, feel free to check out my discord server, or my YouTube channel where I make videos about game development:

What is JulGame?

JulGame is an open-source game engine meant for creating 2D games (and 3d games… eventually) using the Julia programming language. JulGame uses SDL2, and CImGui for the editor. The plan for 3d will be to use OpenGL.

Why did I make it?

Because I find Julia interesting, and I’ve always wanted to create a game engine. I would like to see a game dev scene around it as there isn’t much of one now. I am not a Julia programmer (nor an experienced game engine creator), so I am sure there is a lot I am doing wrong. If you see anything that I can fix, please just let me know with a discussion or an issue.

Why JulGame?

I thought that JulGame would be a great play on Pygame. I also think it just rolls off the tongue. Also, I recently found out that “Jul” is the etymological root of “jolly”, so it makes for a great pun :)

How to get started?

] add JulGame for the latest in the package manager

] add for main - RECOMMENDED as any bug fixes will immediately go here.

] add for develop

Either download the latest release of the editor, or run it using the Julia REPL:

using JulGame

How do you use it?

Once you have the editor open, download the example, unzip it, and then enter the path to the root of the project along with the scene name (scene.json) in the editor under the Project Location window. Poke and prod around to figure things out until we have some real docs :)

🔴Warning🔴 Save often! The editor will crash with no remorse! Any big changes you make, save immediately.


How do you run your scene?

Navigate to your project, and cd to the directory with Entry.jl, and run julia Entry.jl, and it should start!

What needs to be done?


2D Engine






Scene Management

Editor Features

3D Engine

Build Support


This is a list of references that I used in order to get JulGame where it is, along with people who inspired the creation of this (who you should definitely check out!)

Games Made With JulGame

Here I will be keeping a list for the first games created with JulGame :)

  1. The Jester
  2. Coin Grabber